Defense with the BoomStick

New day, new triumphs and good bit of weather is always a plus. It's that time again already. Monday has rolled around upon us and you folks know what that means. Brandon here bringing you the things you need to hear and want to hear. Let's not beat around the bush, but get right to what we're here to do. For a bit of news. I haven't heard much in the past week, except for the usual chatter such as the US government broadcasting that they are doing what they can blah, blah, blah and such as they have not been seen helping in recent weeks. I hear on other channels that they are getting ready to do a push somewhere in the United States to help create a safe zone, so when I hear more you will.

Also that mysterious guy named Tedd is somewhere out there as I haven't heard a whisper about his whereabouts, but hopefully he's still out there doing good to help. Now to the tip of the week that you fine folks have tuned in for.

I figured today that I would cover another terrain in my tip, such as best ways to get through it safely and ways to fight on it if need be. I am talking about hill and valley terrains, both of which have positives and negatives. First off, avoid high ground at all cost. You would think that getting on the high ground would be smart, as you can get the lay of the land and such. But that also makes you visible to every zombie in the area. Of course if you are traveling with a group or with a vehicle then you can get up on high ground so as to plot your course and get a bearing on zombie locations. Keep your profile as small and low to the ground as possible when your approach a hill. Keep to the valley floor and watch the surrounding hills for any zombies that come over them. Going on the offensive is tough in this sort of environment as well, since if you fire any shots they will signal every zombie in the area that hears that shot to you. With the herd mentality, when zombies see other zombies going in a direction they will follow until distracted by something else.

When fighting, this is where you want the high ground as you are shooting down at zombies and it is tougher for them to climb up to you. They aren't as mobile and lack dexterity to climb up a sharp incline. Just make sure you leave yourself an escape path if you find a horde coming at you that you cannot control and kill all of them. That is it for today. Got things to get done before dark comes, since I try and limit the light output of my compound so as to not draw attention. Until next week keep fighting and keep surviving. This is Brandon signing off.