Defense with the BoomStick

Monday once again, so it's time to get down to the business at hand. Hey everybody out there listening...Brandon again with my weekly broadcast about all the things you want to know and how the war against the zombies is going. First off for a bit of the news that has been coming out from around the world. For Europe I'm not hearing too much. Most of France is still dangerous territory but most of the countries that have spots in the Alps are holding out quite well. In the United Kingdom all the urban zones are still teeming with zombies and a lot of the castles that dot the landscape are holding out as strongholds there. Surprisingly in Africa they are doing quite well (especially in Somalia, the west coast and the northern parts of the Sahara Desert). I haven't heard much chatter out of Asia or Australia lately, but I'm hoping to boost the output of my equipment to pick up stuff further away. On the topic of that guy named Tedd. I haven’t heard any news about him either, so when I hear more I’ll keep you updated. Now for my tip of the week

I was going through my notes and guides to pick what I would talk about today and I came across a section that I thought would be good to cover today. Today I am going to talk about the use of horses in fighting zombies, but also in using them as your transportation method. On the plus side you don’t have to worry about gas or the horse breaking down in a general sense. Although you do have to worry about feeding it and not damaging the horse as well as yourself during your travels and fighting zombies. Generally riding a horse and taking care of one are things that if you never tried before the zombie war happened then it might be tough for you to learn, but it can be done. It takes patience and an understanding to control a horse and care for it. A horse is also a good early warning detector as it can smell zombies at a great distance, but can be spooked by them as well and can throw you off hurting you in the process.

That's why it takes a good knowledge of horses to be able to keep your horse calm so as to not throw you. Using a horse for combat is a plus as once you get it going in a direction it will keep going, allowing you to aim and shoot at zombies in your vicinity. When you make your camp at night the horse can be used to alert you to zombies that might be closing in on you giving you time to escape. A horse is also great for carrying a wounded person in your group or helping you carry your gear while you walk with the horse. All in all a horse can be a good thing or bad thing depending on your training that you have had with horses, so if you can find one and the necessary equipment to ride it then do so at your own discretion. That is it for today so keep on the lookout and keep your ear to the news. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.