Defense with the BoomStick

Man I am tired as no other...I just don’t know what has got me so tired. Sorry folks out there, you might be able to tell today have been a long day and long week before that. But on with the show. Not much in the way of news this past week except for a bit of chatter here and there with other outposts checking in on each other to see if they are still there. Other than that not much going over the airwaves and no new word about that mystery guy named Tedd. I almost forget I did hear about a stronghold in Orange County of California that is holding out, plus there is a large compound in Los Angeles that is doing quite well for being in the middle of a large urban area. Beyond that no more news so onto the tip of the week.

Today I am going to go over a few things that can help strengthen the overall defense of your stronghold or compound you have decided to call home. If you do have a chain link fence that encircles your place then a way to strength it is to hook up a few batteries to it. This way it becomes an electric fence that might not shock a zombie or make then combust, but the noise will alert you to zombies on the fence and help you dispatch them faster than normal. If you have a generator to spare you can hook this up and get more juice out of it and cause zombies to catch on fire, effectively killing them. Another method you can use if you have the available equipment is to use large shipping containers to make a wall. To ensure that there is no gaps weld them together (once again if you have the equipment to do so); that way it makes a wall that cannot be push or moved apart. If you have a crane to move theses into position you can also stand some up and make guard towers out of them to see any zombies in your surrounding area, while also keeping an eye out for bandits.

I haven't seen many bandit groups the past few months or heard over the airwaves that strongholds are being attacked, but you never know so keep an eye out for them. When setting the shipping containers up as your wall make sure to put posts behind them with concrete bases to help reinforce the wall, just in case bandits try and push your wall with vehicles. That is it for today. Next week, I'll go over new things to help secure your position. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.