Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

A lot of old stuff coming back these days. Transformers, G.I. Joe…I’ve heard talk about a Voltron movie, and I know it got relaunched it as a comic really briefly with beautiful art. Personal favorite of the 80s revamp genre? Thundercats: Dogs of War. It’s like it could have had a series of action figures to go along with the characters it introduced. Loved it. I’ve got an idea for a comic book- Wing Commander. To this day, I strongly contest that Wing Commander is one of the greatest video games ever created. At one point, Mark Hamill, Tom Wilson (of Back to the Future fame), Jason Bernard, John Rhys-Davies, Malcom McDowell, Tim Curry and Ginger Lynn Allen (of…well…porn, fame, I guess) were all involved in filming footage for the game. Wing Commander sported four excellent games (I don’t count prophecy), six well-written novels that fleshed out the universe it took place in (I don’t count Pilgrim’s Truth or whatever that last one was- see the entry on the movie below) and a huge fan following. It was beautiful. I thought it’d last forever. So what happened? Well, a couple of things. First? Filming video sequences for video games became obsolete in light of developing CGI tech. Second? The game’s original creator- Chris Roberts- largely handed the series over to others creative control. The third? The movie. Oh God the movie.Starring Matthew Lillard and Freddie Prince Jr. As a motion picture, Wing Commander is an amazing example of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it’. It hurt so bad to watch that movie. I think I died a little inside. And Paladin was…French. Those who know Wing Commander will understand why what I just wrote is so, horribly, scary and wrong. Anyway, the point I’m getting at is- this is the perfect license for a good comic book series. But only if it’s written in the style of the old games- see, I really think it would be kick-ass if a comic book really focused on dogfighting. I really wouldn’t be bored by reading a whole issue showing a commander and wingman working together to fight off a wing of Kilrathi. Wing Commander took fantasy very, very seriously- the game felt more like you were in the Air Force than Star Wars. If someone picked that up and went with it, I would buy that comic like a mad dog. I’d love to see someone jump on board and bring this series back in comic book form. So could somebody get on that for me?