IDW Publishing bring Angel: Only Human #1 this August

IDW Publishing is always full of new surprises and now they're bringing you another one. Coming this August is a four-issue miniseries that's a new take on the Angel comic book line. It is titled Angel: Only Human and follows the tale of Illyria and Gunn on a strangely bizarre road trip as they try to reconcile their "inner" demons with their newfound humanity. This new story is written by Scott Lobdell (with artist David Messina) and they bring this new take with a good amount of humor and frightful new adventures for some of the Angel series most favorite characters. Starting in August this new tale will be available monthly. Not too long of a wait to get the next issue once you start this amazing tale. Be prepared for a thrill ride if you are a big Angel fan and if you aren't this might be the kickstart you need to jump into the main storyline and become a fan. IDW Announces Angel: Only Human #1