Joe Quesada waxes poetic on Thor

Joe Quesada is the man over at Marvel. He likes to keep in touch with the fans out there with his Cup O' Joe column, where he pretty much talks about anything and everything Marvel. His latest cup is filled to the brim with updates on the Thor movie that we've been hearing so much about lately. Quesada recently met with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and Thor director Kenneth Branaugh. His impression after the meeting was that the movie is going to be pretty freaking awesome, and Branaugh gets it. "Kevin would give us the establishment of the shot and the situation: 'Here we are. We're in (take your pick of location). And here's Odin and he’s coming up to (pick a character).' And then Kenneth would come in and give you the color commentary. 'Odin has an air of majesty to him' and he'd act out the Odin part or the Thor part. So we sat there and literally got a three-hour one-man show from Kenneth Branagh. It was fantastic. People pay a lot of money for that kind of performance by one of the world’s greatest living actors." First of all, I think it's awesome that Branaugh is directing this film. I mean, this movie screams Shakespeare, which Branaugh has made a habit of doing very well on stage. Second, I think I'm pleasantly surprised by the sheer knowledge Branaugh has when it comes to the character of Thor. I mean, he was quoting Jack Kirby AND Joe Simon material, and where it conflicted. "He has such a passion for the material, and he's sitting there describing things from the Kirby run and things from the Simonson run, citing places where the mythology conflicted in Marvel history and how we're going to streamline it. It was just fascinating to watch." Knowing that Branaugh is this devoted to the character and has the passion to make this movie work has really sold me on the film. I mean, Thor is one of those Marvel characters with a rich history but has never quite taken off like say Spider-Man or Wolverine have. So I can imagine Marvel will be facing a slightly uphill battle in getting the character better known and out there. In all fairness, I'd argue that Iron Man wasn't as well known to casual fans, and that movie would've been the best comic book film of 2008 if it wasn't for a certain other comic book film (and I'm not talking about Wanted or The Incredible Hulk). Joe Quesada waxes poetic on Thor