Marvel 70th Anniversary Honda contest

Sir Mix a Lot had a girlfriend that drove a Honda (among other things). If you have a girlfriend and want her to drive a Honda, Marvel is offering the chance for her to drive one of the spiffiest Hondas out there. A Honda adorned with countless Marvel superheroes and signed by Stan Lee. The contest is brought to you by the San Diego Blood Bank and Marvel Comics, and is a mere $5 to enter. The money is for an excellent cause, as all proceeds will go towards purchasing a new bloodmobile for the San Diego Blood Bank. Now that you know about the contest, what is this Honda that I speak of? Turns out, it's a Honda Element adorned with Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Captain America and The Hulk. Stan Lee's signature is plastered up there as well. The car will be on display for the duration of Comic Con, and one lucky winner will have to figure out how to get it on the plane with them for the ride home. You have until July 26 to enter, so get to it. And if you happen to be going to the show, be sure to stop by and donate blood. Besides getting the free cookies and juice, you'll also get a Comic-Con T-shirt and a goodie bag with a Diamond Toys Action Figure. Marvel 70th Anniversary Honda contest