Marvel Civil War game online

The Civil War in the Marvel Universe was one of the most gripping wars to rock the universe. The two sides (for and against the Superhero Registration Act) were pitted against each other, with Captain America against the legislation and Iron Man for the legislation. The war ended with Captain America's surrender and subsequent death, leaving a dramatic pall over the remaining members of the Marvel universe. But you already knew that I'm sure. What you may not know is that you now have a chance to actually have a say in the war. As part of the campaign for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Marvel and Activision have created an online web game where you can choose a side, and see if you chose the right one. The game-called Civil War Online-gives you the opportunity to put together your dream team of four characters and take a side in the battle. Each hero has different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities so choosing a good team is crucial. Once you've selected your team, well then it becomes a simple (maybe not so simple) game of real time strategy. Each player gets a turn to attack and defend, until one player has wiped out all of their opponent's team. You'll have the ability to choose from one of five action types, including move, charge, fusion, attack and defend. The site even tracks the balance of power over the course of the game played, as well as all games played. So if you're sincerely for or against the Superhero Registration Act then make your voice heard and get your game on. Marvel Civil War game online