Marvel decade variants

Not sure if you've heard or not but Marvel is rapidly approaching its 70th anniversary. Yep. 70 years of superheroes, mutants, lawsuits and even anti-comic book legislation and hearings. For them to remain a titan in the industry is nothing short of amazing. The company has been in a festive, celebratory mode all year, and the latest efforts in celebration are special edition variant covers. Not just any variant covers, but Decade variant covers. Each one depicts various decades throughout history in general, with the title characters in various states of joviality, intensity, or whatever -ity was prevalent at the time. Above is a New Mutants #3 variant, while after the jump are you can check out Deadpool #12 and Mighty Avengers #26 variants. The Deadpool one is especially flowery. All three issues hit stores July 15 for $2.99.