Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 roll call

This will surely be announced at some point during E3 this week, but true believers are already in the know. Marvel has announced the first 17 characters officially in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. This is by no means the final, definitive list, but it's a good indication (read: sure thing) of some of the heroes and villains we can expect to see in the game. So which mutants are raising their hands to Professor Marvel calling their name for the game? Check the list after the jump. Captain America Iron Man Hulk Thor Human Torch Invisible Woman Mr. Fantastic Thing Wolverine Storm Daredevil Spider-Man Luke Cage Iron Fist Song Bird Deadpool Juggernaut (GameStop exclusive) Now, with the exception of Deadpool and Juggernaut, the list is extremely kid-friendly and family approved. That is, a lot of good guys (Iron Man is debatable these days). I'm sure that Marvel will be adding a good amount of bad guys as the weeks roll on, because part of the appeal of the first game was being able to play just about any character from the Marvel Universe. But this is a promising start to the list, and I for one am even more excited for this game. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 roll call