Michael Dolce's The Sire

Similar to Michael Dolce's upcoming book Descendant, The Sire is chock full of international espionage. The book is proclaimed to be "Spider-Man meets Jason Bourne," creating Donald Wright (you'd swear that some Jack Bauer thrown in there for good measure to create the ultimate badass). Problem for Donald though is that he really doesn't want to be this badass. Donald was a lowly secretary for a cable news network (WNBU to be precise), and one of the perks is a hot boss named J.J. Waterston. Of course, thing get a little awkward when you're madly in love with said boss. Let's just say things for Donald are a little awkward. In an attempt to impress said lovely, Donald finds himself in the midst of a secret project that gives him a costume that grants him immeasurable power while controlling the one who wears it. Because of this control, Donald is at the beck and call of justice, as if the suits wants to save someone it will force the wearer to save some folks. Making him the Sire. Now every hero needs a villain, and in this case it would happen to be The Presence. You know, the entity that occasionally gets released in the quest to release the ultimate power the super-rich mogul is really looking for. A nasty side effect of the newly freed Presence is the energy spreads out and "infects" those that come in contact with it. This is an infection that you may want though, because it transforms them into superhumans. The Presence is seeking the Sire for one reason: pure power. Dolce handles all three major duties on this series (creator, writer and colorist), which is pretty impressive. You can read issues 1-3 over at Wowio for free (just search "The Sire"). Check out Dolce's website below. Mikebooks