Michael Jackson tribute comic

Omnicomic was shocked by the death of Michael Jackson just like everyone else. Regardless of what your opinion of him and some of his actions was, Jackson was an icon that pretty much defined the 80s. Of course, with death comes reverence, and now it seems that people are crawling all over themselves to pay respects to a man that most of the world had written off as insane not even one year ago. One of these tributes comes from Bluewater Productions in the form a tribute comic called Tribute: Michael Jackson, King of Pop. The book traces Jackson's rise to fame as a musical prodigy with his start in the Jackson 5 all the way up to his untimely death on June 25. Bluewater Productions president Darren G. Davis thinks Jackson's influence is worthy of a tribute comic. “Michael Jackson’s music served as the soundtrack to countless lives…including mine,” said Davis, “His influence on our culture has been profound. This is a celebration of his life and what he meant to a legion of fans. Although the book won’t shy away from some of his personal troubles, we try to tell a balanced story that shows Jackson as a musical genius, an unparalleled superstar and as a complex person.” The book features a wrap-around cover and foreword by Giuseppe Mazzola, of "The Official Michael Jackson Fan Club" fame. Wey-Yuih Loh wrote the story with Giovanni Timpano doing the illustrations. Throw in a little Vinnie Tartamella for an alternative cover and you've got the makings of a pretty decent tribute. I really have no idea as to how in-depth the comic will really be as far as his life goes. I mean, will the last few panels have Jackson doctor shopping and overdosing on prescription pills? Not to be callous or anything, but there's a fine line between artistic expression and sad truth. I'm sure that some fans will be really upset with the comic, but you've got to think that a biography will be coming out at some point in the near future. You can preorder the comic at TFAW prior to an October 28, 2009 release date. Check out the alternative cover below. Michael Jackson tribute comic