Michael Papajohn returning for Spider-Man 4

Two of the attendees at Wizard World Philadelphia were Ted Raimi and Michael Papajohn. You know, two guys that are kind of a big deal when it comes to the Spider-Man film franchise. So when one of them speaks up with news about the fourth film, I tend to listen. At a panel in Wizard World Philadelphia Raimi and Papajohn were quite jovial and talkative. One of the talking points was Papajohn's mention of him reprising his role in the fourth film. He couldn't say what the role entailed, and I'm curious as to how they're going to work this in. In Spider-Man 3, we see the flashback where he gets in Uncle Ben's car and drives off. In Spider-Man, we see him take a fall and die when confronted by a newly minted Spider-Man. Between those two events, I don't see any flashback that could possibly involve him. I mean, will wee see another part of the sequence involving him? Will Peter Parker exhibit more remorse for the death of his uncle? But what if it's something a little more sinister? Like maybe an illusion? See, a Sinister Six villain that we've yet to see is Mysterio. He's a big fan of screwing with Spider-Man's head, and it would make sense that he would recreate that memory to further get at Peter Parker. And there has been talk of Bruce Campbell playing the part of Myterio which could work considering he's had a role in every film so far. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But I like to think it's a strong possibility. Spider-Man 4 is scheduled for a May 6, 2011 release.