New Arrivals: July 1, 2009

Death in comics doesn't mean much in the long run if you're a big-name character. Sure, Superman died, but he came back. Batman died (and I'm still not convinced that Bruce Wayne is dead), and Dick Grayson has filled his cowl. And Captain America was ruthlessly gunned down after the tumultuous events of Civil war, leading to Bucky Barne's ascension to the shield. But you had to know that Steve Rogers wouldn't stay down for long. This week, Marvel will release Captain America: Reborn #1 into the hands of the masses, days away from the stirring Fourth of July holiday in America. Marvel couldn't have asked for a more patriotic tie-in (unless July 4th was on a Wednesday). Ed Brubaker is writing the series with Bryan Hitch doing the art. The book follows the events of Captain America #600, as Steve Rogers' closest friends and allies may have found a way to bring back the original Captain America. The Red Skull is involved however, which means that things might not be as they seem. There are a whopping five different covers for the book: one by Hitch, one by Alex Ross (of course), one by the man Joe Quesada himself and two by John Cassaday (one in color and one sketched). You can check out all five covers below. Enjoy! New Arrivals: July 1, 2009