New Arrivals: June 10, 2009

The ghost of Bruce Wayne just won't quite haunting Gotham City. Battle for the Cowl has recently ended, and we all know who the new Batman is (possible spoiler ahead)Nightwing (aka Dick Grayson). But one member of the community isn't so sure, and that member has decided to put a new twist on an old identity in the upcoming Red Robin #1. Written by Chris Yost and with art by Ramon Bachs, Red Robin #1 starts with the first part of a four part miniseries called "The Grail." Red Robin believes that Bruce Wayne is still out there somewhere and is making it his/her duty to find out if that's in fact true or not. Problem is, nobody knows who is behind the crimson bird garb, and why they're looking for Bruce in the first place. Yeah, I kind of think the Red Robin looks a lot like Bruce Wayne too. Maybe that's just me though. Enjoy! New Arrivals: June 10, 2009