Nick Fury figure from Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Listen up all you Nick Fury fans out there. Marvel wants to give you a Nick Fury action figure, if you'll take it. Current and new subscribers of the online service will be given a Nick Fury action figure for shelling out the cash for the service (Marvel doesn't want to give it away for free). The figure comes to you courtesy of Hasbro, as their partnership with Marvel has made it possible to get a side of action figure with your digital comics. "Hasbro is very excited to be teaming up with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for this exclusive giveaway," said Billy Lagor, Senior Director of Hasbro's Global Brand Strategy & Marketing, Marvel. "We truly value and appreciate the connection that we have with our Marvel fans and hope that shows in our action figures." The figure comes with three different guns and some top secret files to give you direction on your fight. And be ready, because with Nick Fury on your team the chances of you running into a Skrull will increase tenfold. You can check out some shots of the figure below. Nick Fury figure from Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited