Peter Parker remarrying

Amazing Spider-Man #600 is hitting stores later this summer. Kind of a big deal. What's en even bigger deal about it is the above image that shows up on the Marvel preview page for the issue. It shows a wedding invitation with the Spider-Man mask covering the juiciest details: who is Peter Parker marrying? I mean, it's clear that it is Peter Parker marrying someone whose last name ends in "son." If that intrigue isn't enough for you, how about the creative talent behind the issue? Marvel lists a veritable who's who of Spidey talent for this issue, including Dan Slott, Stan Lee, John Romita, Jr., Marcos Martin, Mario Alberti, Alex Ross and Joe Quesada. Definitely an all-star list. But wait! There's more! The talent also lists "the rest of Spidey's web-heads," which would jive with a Brian Michael Bendis tweet from last week. The date is listed sometime in July (week of the teens) and I'm inclined to think it's either July 15 (Wednesday - new arrival for comic books day) or July 19 (Sunday - weddings are traditionally on Sunday). There's even a phone number you can call (888-266-4226) to RSVP. Don't expect Peter Parker to pick up the phone however, as the number takes you to the Comic Shop Locator phone service. The wedding is shown to be taking place at the Bryant Park Lawn, home to the New York Public Library and famous for "The Pond," which becomes an ice skating rink in the winter. Amazing Spider-Man #600 is shaping up to be a mammoth, so stay tuned for more details. Amazing Spider-Man #600


  1. So, is this a swerve? I quit reading Spider-Man at the conclusion of One More Day, so I have no idea what's going on. If they were really going to remarry him to MJ, though, wouldn't it make more sense to just undo the Brand New Day story, and revert back to the real Spider-Man timeline? I've got to think that the first name of the Parker being married means this isn't Peter. The marriage of May Parker to Otto Octavius-son? Sorry, had to do it.

    Oh, and where'd you find that image? I checked the preview for ASM #600 on, and that's not the cover they have pictured there.

  2. Yeah I think that image was just a teaser image released by Marvel to hype the event. I do see the different cover you're talking about though.

    I could see a swerve as well. Although I believer one of the Marvel higher-ups (maybe Stan Lee or Joe Quesada) said that the Peter Parker/Mary Jane marriage was one of the biggest mistakes they ever made. So it's quite possible that it will be another parker getting married.


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