Possibility of Batman 3 growing cloudier

Christopher Nolan is probably 50-50 on a third Batman at this point. Citing multiple reasons for his possible non-return, Nolan's non-involvement would definitely dent the quality of a third film. Recently, MTV Splash Page caught up with Christian Bale about the possibility of a third film and, frankly, wasn't too optimistic. “I truly don’t know that we’re ever going to see another Batman movie,” Bale told MTV News. Well then. Bale went on to say that a Batman movie without Nolan at the helm is something he doesn't want to consider, which could be read one of two ways. One, he likes the franchise so much that he doesn't want to entertain the notion of a third film without Nolan's involvement. Two, and the more likely reason, is that he doesn't want to do a film that doesn't involve Nolan. Which could prove problematic considering Bale is contracted through three Batman films. There is some promise though. Nolan is very much a thinking man's director, and his project choices are largely script-driven. According to Bale, a good script would be a great start in recruiting Nolan for a third Batman film. “It would be purely that he would need to find a story that was good enough,” said Bale, “and if he couldn’t find that it wouldn’t happen.” Even if a third film doesn't happen, production wouldn't start until 2011 at the earliest. This is assuming Nolan's involvement and current involvement with other projects. We're still a long way off from naysaying a third film, but it's looking more and more like it might not happen. On a plus note, Johnny Depp addressed the rumors of him playing the Riddler in a possible third film. His response: “If the opportunity came, I’d definitely juggle it,” he said. Possibility of Batman 3 growing cloudier