Preview: Lobster Johnson: The Satan Factory

If you're ever in a situation where greed and the occult are at a crossroads, there is one person you can contact to get you out of it: Lobster Johnson. In the latest book for Dark Horse, Lobster is called upon to stop such a character in one Jonas Chapel. Previously a respected physician, Chapel found himself on the run from the mob. His lam takes him to a witch and cursed skeleton in Mexico who just so happens to give him the power to transform me into monsters. Sound intrigued? Keep reading. If the story seems vaguely familiar to you, and you recognize that the TPB is from Dark Horse, then you might think there is a Hellboy connection. And you would be right. Lobster is a premiere crimefighter fighting and solving otherworldly crimes alongside the red detective himself. Thomas E. Sniegoski takes up the writing duties, with Gregory Manchess bringing the artwork to you. The 256-page black and white novel isn't ready for purchase just yet, but you can preorder it ahead of its July 22 release. The cost is a modest $12.95, so fans of Hellboy and/or Lobster will definitely want to pick this one up. Preview: Lobster Johnson: The Satan Factory