Preview: Rapture #1

Religious folk out there (well, those of the Christian variety) believe a rapture is coming, where the undeserving will be killed and all those believers will be swept up into heaven. Writer Michael Oeming has a book that just came out that sort of moves with this notion, but in a more specific targeting fashion. Rapture #1 features an Earth devastated after a century long war. Part of the devastation is the new absence of the greatest champions and villains. The Powers are gone, however someone still has to pick up the pieces. That would be two lovers named Evelyn and Gil, separated by a continent and on a mission to find each other. "The Word" ends up turning Evelyn into a champion with an angelic spear, thrusting her into a self-conflict where she must prioritize Gil and her new power. Oeming also pulls artistic duties as well, with Taki Soma helps with the writing. The book hit stores last Wednesday and sells for $2.99. Check out some interiors below. Michael Oeming's Website