Review: Fusion #2

Top Cow is working on a crossover with Marvel called Fusion, bringing together heroes of both universes in an attempt to stop and evil wreaking havoc on the world. This evil would be Ripclaw, and it’s up to heroes the likes of Iron Man, Cyblade, Ms. Marvel and Velocity to stop him. The latest issue, Fusion #2 hits store this Wednesday, June 24, but you can check out an advanced review and interiors below. There are some spoilers ahead (in both the review and the interiors), so keep that in mind as your forge on with the review. Before we get into the review for the second issue, how about a quick recap? At the end of the first issue, Ripclaw was captured by the Thunderbolts, angrily led by Venom. Cyberforce visited the site of the Thiebaut Mansion where Ellis, the leader of Hunter-Killers, originally felt an alien presence. Eventually, the Avengers hunted Ripclaw to the Cyberforce headquarters where they were greeted by the unconscious body of Heatwave thrown at them, followed by a berserk Ripclaw. But it can’t really be Ripclaw that’s attacking them. Can it? This issue picks up with a massive Avengers/Cyberforce brawl, pretty much all over a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding being an attack by an unregistered mutant on the Avengers who happens to be named Ripclaw. Cyberforce shows up, thinking that the Avengers are unfairly attacking Ripclaw who hasn’t quite been himself lately. The alien presence that was felt at the Thiebaut Mansion is a symbiote that grafts to a human form (think Venom) but is connected to Ripclaw psychically. This means that the Ripclaw captured by the Thunderbolts and transferred to Norman Osborn’s lab is the symbiote, and Osborn’s idea of gaining information is to do an alien autopsy. The Avengers and Cyberforce realize that the Ripclaw they were fighting is the real Ripclaw, however his psychic bond causes him to freak out every now and then. The two teams form an uneasy alliance and decide that they much seek out the symbiote and recapture it for the sake of everyone’s safety. Which won’t be easy because of Venom’s greed (I’ll not spoil the surprise, but safe to say he bites of more than he can chew). The second issue is pretty solid, and features a little bit of everything: brawls, intrigue and forced alliances. There’s only one more issue to go and they way it’s been set up makes it seem that things are going to get much worse before they get better. I’m a big fan of crossovers when they’re done right, and I like that they working in the Superhero Registration Act storyline into this arc. Stay tuned for the third and final issue to see how this all ends. My guess is not good for someone.