Review - Predator #1

I know what you are thinking, why am I doing a review of a movie that came out in the 1980s? Well I'm not reviewing that masterpiece of cinema. No, today my faithful Omnicomic readers I am reviewing the new comic series from Dark Horse Comics Predator #1. First a little backstory for those of you unfamiliar with what the Predator is. Predator is an alien species who are fierce warriors and thrive on the feeling of hunting and being in combat. They fly throughout the universe finding wars and interjecting themselves into the middle to kill the most skilled warriors and collect trophies. Many Predators have come to earth to take part in the conflicts this world has seen with their advanced technology such as being able to go invisible, a helmet that can see in every different spectrum and even a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. They are the ultimate hunter hence their name Predator, because once they start coming after you, you better run. This new take on the Predator starts anew in a war-torn third world country that is in the middle of a huge civil war. When countries are at war it means people can profit, and in this case a private security company is providing protection for a group that is in the middle buying rights to certain oil fields and basically buying up whatever they can while the war ravages the country. In the middle of all this is a war between two rival tribes of Predators, which decided to duke it out in on Earth amidst this civil war. They will stop at no ends to destroy each other and whoever gets in their way as well. Now after reading this first issue I thoroughly enjoyed the direction that Dark Horse is taking the Predator series. They had the right amount of balance to get the story going and just hint at the awesome power the Predators possess. Most of the issue you see just the aftermath of the destruction the Predators leave in their wake (barely seeing them in action) which I am sure we'll see in the coming issues. If you are a fan then you will enjoy this comic and the ones to follow so go pick this one up and be on the lookout for the next issue.