Simon Furman speaks about Starcraft #1

Starcraft Wire has the inside scoop on everything Starcraft. And rightfully so, seeing as their name implies an inherent connection to the game of the same name. Part of that connection is access to the creative team behind the upcoming Starcraft #1, the first issue in a comic book series fashioned similarly to that of the World of Warcraft series. Recently, Starcraft Wire used that acces to speak with writer Simon Furman and get some inside information on what to expect from the series. Furman describes (in somewhat lengthy detail) what to expect from the War Pigs. He says that they really have no leader, however at the start of the series Brock Valevoss is the man in charge. According to Furman, events (read: Valevoss most likely bites it) in that same issue foce the War Pigs to change their entire structure and adapt. One man in particular may step up to fill the void, but he's not without his sorted past. "If there’s a driving force, story-wise, it’s Cole Hickson, the scarred Guild Wars vet with a dark, dark secret or three." The issues don't stop with Hickson, as Nuura Jones (chief pilot of the General Lee) has a tramautic past of her own, as does Turfa Dei (the exposive-minded former insurgent-for-hire). Iggins is haunted by his cheating wife he murdered and romy Pyrius has a STIMS habit as the crew medic. If that doesn't scream happy family I don't know what does. The story itself focuses on the War Pigs' search for Jim Raynor (a former marshal and current renegade) per the orders of Arcturus Mengsk and Tamsen Cauley, Mengsk's chief of internal security. Furman goes on to say that while that may be the main storyline, there will surely be other madcap mayhem that will make the series quite the thrilling ride. "Along the way the War Pigs cross paths/swords with zerg, protoss Dark Templars, a Ghost, special Cerberus units and more, plus there’s a whole heap of double and triple-crossing from their Dominion ‘controllers.’ Bottom line: the War Pigs are expendable, and there are no guarantees our five leads will all make it through to issue #8!" Now for all the Starcraft fans out there, I should warn you that Furman himself says that he's not a big gamer. But he did find time to go through all the games and read all the current fiction out there to get a better sense of the story. And he feels that his approach will help the comic, despite his previous lack of experience with the universe. "I’m probably bringing more to the comic from the fiction than the games, simply because the fiction can get into that much more depth and detail. But I’m now pretty well versed in StarCraft lore, and, of course, privy to some stuff that’s upcoming." The full interview is chock full of tidbits and information about the upcoming series, and fans of Starcraft should definitely take the time to check it out. You can also check out news from editor Ben Abernathy to get even more insight into the book, as well as get a look at some interiors from the first issue. Simon Furman speaks about Starcraft #1