Stan Lee in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

C.B. Cebulski is a writer and editor at Marvel Comics. He's also one of Marvel's talent evaluators, which means he's kind of a big deal and in the know about things. Being at Marvel gives him tons of insight into various projects both in process and in planning. Projects like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for example. And the game's possible inclusion of Stan Lee as a playable character. On Cebulski's Twitter, he posted the following tweet: "Stan Lee is gonna be an unlocakble, playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2?! That'd be awesome." Wow. Now, I'm not aware that he's working on the game in any capacity. Not even as a creative consultant or anything. If word spread throughout the halls of Marvel that Stan Lee would be a playable character in the followup to a hugely successful video game I think he would hear something about it. Now of course this is only a rumor, and it's wholly possible that Cebulski was just commenting that it would be cool for Stan Lee to have such a role. But what if he's right? What powers would Stan Lee have? Besides the power of awesomeness, I'm guessing he would be similar to Spider-Man in terms of fighting style. It was Spider-Man afterall that essentially cemented Stan Lee as an industry icon. I'll admit that it would be cool to see him beat enemies with sharp wit or something like that, but I think I'd rather see him shoot webs. Or maybe he can have the powers of some of his other creations as well. Like he can rage out like the Hulk while wielding Thor's hammer and shooting out webs. Chock this up to rumor for the time being, but get excited at the possibility that it's not.