The unfinished symphony of Dave Simons

Dave Simons was a writer who knew his way around the industry. He wrote for numerous books, including Conan, Ghost Rider, Red Sonja and Spider-Man for Marvel and Forgotten Realms for DC. Unfortunately, Simons passed away last week after a lengthy battle with cancer. Omnicomic is saddened at the passing of an industry great, but I feel I should bring your attention to his "unfinished symphony." At the time of his passing, Simons was working on a book for the Hero Initiative. He had managed to finish the script but had yet to draw the page. The page will still be included in the issue of Hero Comics he was working on, and his friend Charlie Novinskie will write a tribute on the page as well. You can check out the script after the jump (Hero Initiative posted it at the request of Bette Simons, Dave's sister). Head on over to the posting here, and Omnicomic sends it condolences to the Simons family. DEAL WITH THE DEVIL PANEL 1 We see a dramatic shot of THE DEVIL. My version looks more like a hot-rod devil, the kind of thing Robert Williams would draw. CAPTION 1 That's usually who it is in those jokes. It's the kind of tale told over the second or third cocktail, the joke about what you want and what you get in your deal with the devil. PANEL 2 INT. BAR, angle on DAVE, age 18 and wearing U.S. Coast Guard dress uniform of the period, with a drink and a cigarette, looking smug. CAPTION 2 In these tales, the letter of the contract is always granted, but never the intent. PANEL 3 NIGHT, EXT. CITY STREET, on DAVE, now in his early 50s, sitting on a stoop and looking at the cigarette in his hand, dejectedly. CAPTION 3 Thirty-five years later, and I still did not have lung cancer or gum cancer. What I did have was esophageal cancer (look it up). CAPTION 4 Thanks to serving my country in my youth, my medical expenses are well-covered. What's not are my living expenses. I'm in the odd position of being able to work, but not being able to work enough to pay my bills. CAPTION 5 Hero Initiative has been invaluable here. When the wolf is at the door, Hero Initiative has been there to pay the rent. Many times. That wolf, he does get hungry. PANEL 4 INT. STUDIO, on DAVE hunched over a drafting table and feverishly drawing away in a cramped studio space. CAPTION 6 For now, I do what I can. Some days are better than others. It's tough to find the time and energy, whenever I can, I draw, CAPTION 7 I know now I made a deal with the devil. I just didn't know I'd be rescued by angels.