Warren Ellis will Do Anything

But he won't do that. Warren Ellis has started his own blog called Do Anything over at Bleeding Cool, and in it he muses on the finer points in life. Like how he has the head of Jack Kirby in his office. Yeah, you read that right. How does Ellis explain it? "I built it myself. Which means, this being the late-postmodern 21st Century, I stole it from someone else and then tinkered with it until it became a transformative work. What I actually did was steal the Hanson Robotics-designed android head of Philip K Dick off an airplane, resculpted the front and filled its brain with the work of, interviews with and anecdotes about Jack Kirby. Like the original Philip K Dick head, it now does the work of an oracle of that mysterious time, the 20th Century, and of the seminal years of a 20th Century art form. In the case of Phil Dick, this was the science fiction story. In this case, it is of course the comic book." Sounds about right I suppose. The first post is rather intriguing and is pretty much a sort of treatise on the head of Jack Kirby and the Stealth Black Tuff-Writer Tactical Defense Pen. Check it out if you have a spare moment, and be sure to check in regularly as I'm sure it will be chock full of Warren Ellis goodness. Warren Ellis will Do Anything