Ben Templesmith at San Diego Comic Con

If you're a hardcore Ben Templesmith fan then chances are you're reading this from the bushes outside his house while ganking his Wi-Fi. If you're merely a fan of Templesmith though and realize that you can wait until San Diego to see him and his works he wants you to know where he'll be while at the show. According to the lovely poster above advertising his whereabouts, Templesmith will be at a few places during the con. The majority of the time he'll be with Splashpage at Booth #4400. He'll occasionally drift off for a few other happenings during the weekend however, so pay attention if you want to follow him. On Friday from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM he'll be with the Image Comics Show! panel in room 5AB. That same day from 6 PM to 7 PM he'll be at the Dead Space Extraction Panel in room 2. And when he's not pimping $150 for smaller, letter sized paintings and $250 for the larger paintings, he'll be at the EA booth (#5213) no doubt signing copies and art of the earlier referenced Dead Space Extraction.