Catwoman on DC Universe Online teaser poster

The DC MySpace page has just released a glimpse into part of a SDCC DC Universe Online teaser poster, and it's causing quite a stir. Why is it creating a stir? Because it seems to advertise a certain feline thief's lower mandible and lips. Looking at the poster seems to indicate that it is indeed Catwoman. Since Jim Lee is heavily involved with the project you can see the resemblance between her facial features and his other illustrations of her. I think it's a given that she would be in, but I think the ramifications of her inclusion are far more telling about the gameplay. See, the idea is you're either a good guy or a bad guy. You either fight alongside Batman and Superman, or Darkseid and Lobo. But Catwoman is interesting because sometimes she's good, and other times she's bad. This could indicate the possibility that you can switch sides at some point throughout the game. Although I'm pretty sure that Sony Online Entertainment has said that picking a side is final (I could be wrong), it would make the game even more compelling if you can go back and forth on a whim. It could end up not being Catwoman in the end. I mean, there are other female heroes in the DC Universe (Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Huntress). But Catwoman makes the most sense. Stay tuned kids. Catwoman on DC Universe Online teaser poster