Comic Tombs (not as bad as you think)

Comic book storage is often a point of contention for most folks. You can stack them precariously throughout your abode, san bags and boards. You can stack them precariously throughout your abode, with bags and boards. The popular cardboard boxes are also a big hit, and unless you have a comic book store in your house, display racks are pretty impractical. But what about a comic book tomb? Comic Oasis in Las Vegas will build you a customizable comic book tomb for all your storage needs. These tombs resemble IKEA file cabinets in design, but they're a lot sturdier than that and don't require hours of frustration and alan wrenches. The tombs allow for bags and boards to wrap your precious comics while at the same time giving you better access and flexibility in storing and organizing them. Sure, you could line them up alphabetically in boxes, but then you have to pull some issues out of the tightly packed box to find that one issue of X-Men #266 that you're frantically scrambling for. You can contact the folks at Comic Oasis for more information. These things are built to order, so however obsessively you store your comics they can probably handle it. Comic Tombs