Defense with the BoomPick

Once again we have hit that day of the week every comic book aficionado looks forwards to. Yes my friends I'm talking about new comic book day which-lucky for us true believers-is not delayed by the 4th of July. Today I am bringing at you a pick from a comic publisher that I have personally never heard of before, but after checking out my pick of the week and little more of their website I am intrigued by what they do. My pick of the week is President Evil #1 brought to you by Antarctic Press. Not much is detailed about what sort of adventure you will find our new President in, but I am sure that it is going to be an adventure ride of gigantic proportions. On their website you can check out the first few pages. I myself did and after doing so, I had to say "wow." With what little action they put President Obama in through those first few pages I can say that it is going to be a great comic series. Can President Obama stop the zombie plague that is sweeping the world or will he fall into their undead clutches? Pick this one up tomorrow to find out.