Defense with the BoomPick

Well you asked for it and I shall give it to you, my pick of the week. Tomorrow is new comic book day, so we must have a pick or else everything will just fall apart as we know it! I reviewed the list of the new comics coming out and decided on one being made by Red 5 Comics (if you read comics then you should know what that references and if not then keep reading this site more to learn what you need to know). The book is simply titled We Kill Monsters #1. This exciting new tale is about two brothers -Jake and Andrew Basher- who are auto mechanics, but soon discover that monsters have infested their world. When Andrew is bitten, the brothers learn that he needs a constant supply of Blue Liquid that leaks out of the brains to stave off death. This gives him powers that he can control to help even the fight against the monsters. Can the duo save their planet from the invading horde or will they all parish at the hands of the monsters? Pick this one up tomorrow to find out.