Defense with the BoomPick

With a new week upon us, that means a new batch of comics for us to pick over and read multiple times come tomorrow. If you aren’t burned out from all the comic book coverage and news from Comic Con, then go pick up Marvel Zombies 4 #4 at your local comic store tomorrow. Finishing this new story arc for our fanatical zombie superheroes trying to take over the Marvel Universe, we see everything come to a single turning point. At the end of the third issue, we were at that critical point where it looks like the zombie plague will succeed and destroy the world as it has gone airborne, but is still confined to island that the Midnight Sons were fighting it on. Now with The Hood on their side attempting to stop the end of the world can they win or will the zombie plague take over the Marvel Universe as we know it? Pick this one up tomorrow to finish the story and find out what happens. And if you haven't read the earlier Marvel Zombies series then go get them as they are amazing.