Defense with the BoomStick

Ok. Monday has hit us in the face once again and it's time to get down to some business. Hey everyone out there in America (and around the world) that can pick up this broadcast. This is Brandon here bringing to you all the things you need to know to keep fighting and keep surviving. And to know where you are heading to get to a safe zone. Let's get to it shall we? For starters, not a whole lot of news has been over the airwaves. Heard some cries for help, but were unable to reach them in time because of how far away they were. Also, I haven’t heard anything new from the government as well since they were talking about doing an attack somewhere, but no word lately so be on the lookout for that engagement to occur. In addition I haven’t heard any news of that mystery stranger named Tedd, although I have heard about these two guys that are going around helping people and clearing up towns for people to secure. Can’t confirm their names, but rumor has it that they're named Kevin and Mike. Not entirely sure so when I hear more you will. Be on the lookout for any of these guys as they will help you however they can it seems. Now onto the tip of the week

It was a tossup to pick what I was going talk about this week. I'm going talk about how to survive on the open waters. Being able to do this mainly depends on what sort of boat you are sailing in (or in some cases floating in). if this is a boat you had before the zombie outbreak happened then I am sure that you have it well stocked and have a water recycling unit on board. If it's a boat that you came across then rain water is one of your most important friends as you can collect it when it rains and drink it later when your supply runs out. Also make sure that if you do decide to take a boat that it does have a motor (in addition to sails) as it is tough to sail a boat unless you already know how. If you can that you get a sailor in your group that can teach the rest of you, but if this is not possible then go on the open waters at your own risk. In addition to the dangers of handling your boat (and the open sea) is the lure and gamble of stopping in at a dock. Now from the sea it might look deserted and easy to sail in, hop off and find supplies.

Be warned that it's never what it seems. First off if you do decide to enter a harbor and hook yourself up to a dock then start by turning your engine off and coasting your way in (or use the oars) as you won’t make sound and alert any zombies in the area. Next off-if you can-sail close to a smaller boat like a little speed boat; that way if you need to escape from the docks fast you can use this to ferry yourself and any supplies you find to your main boat sitting far out from land. If that's not possible then bring your large boat in the furthestmost dock from land and tie it there. Make sure to have a look out keeping an eye on the land to see if anything comes you way. When you go out for supplies see if the dock can be disconnected from the land as some marinas can do this.

There is more to go over about this subject, but it will have to be covered at another time as I have an urgent matter to deal with at the wall. Seems our sensors have been tipped off to a horde coming my way so I have to go deal with it. Until next week keep fighting, keep surviving and remember to keep hope as we will win this war. This is Brandon signing off.