Defense with the BoomStick

Monday once again. Let me get to it then and get you fine folks on the move. Hey everybody this is Brandon here, telling you all the news and tips to keep you fighting and surviving. For news let me look over my notes. Hmmm. Not much been going on over the airwaves. Did pick up some messages about an assault set to happen in Maine to retake some critical areas to start up the war effort, so if you're in that area try and find the group and join them if you can or are willing to since every bit helps. Other then that I haven't heard much else going on out there and thankfully haven't heard many calls of help for places that get overran with zombies so that is good. It also could mean that there just aren’t that many left which sucks, but I can’t think like that so on the tip of the week.

Today I am going to talk about surviving out at sea as a continuation from last week. Say you are afloat in the middle of the ocean in a boat and see another boat approaching. This can be either good or bad. They could be fellow survivors that can aid you and you aid them and work together to survive. Huzzah. Flipside is that they could all be zombies, and when you get close they come aboard and boom: they're all over you and that's all she wrote. Another scenario is they can be alive and real people and either rob and kill you or just rob you. So be careful when approaching other vessels while at sea. Also be careful where you do sail your boat. Some places on Earth are even more dangerous during the zombie apocalypse because of pirates and government waters rife with submarines. Keeping your morale up is pivotal, and being out at sea will be boring like no other so do whatever you can to keep your mind upbeat.

If you ever do set your anchor make sure you do leave someone on watch while the rest sleep, because if you're in a lagoon or close to shore zombies walking on the bottom can float up your anchor chain and climb on your boat. A good way to check an island to see if it has zombies on it is to either drive close to the shore and shoot a gun or make noise with your engine and then move out to sea and see if any zombies come to the shore. That is it for today and thanks for listening. Remember if you're in the Maine area to be on the lookout for that huge offensive action happening and help if you can. Otherwise until next week keep fighting and keep surviving.