Defense with the BoomStick

Monday, Monday, Monday. The day is upon us again and you fine folks out there know what that means. Hey everybody, Brandon here. Your faithful guide to killing zombies and helping us win this war. I'm bringing to you what you need to know to survive, so let me get to it. First off a bit of news about that huge military offensive I was telling you about. Well it appeared to have paid off as they have reclaimed most of Maine, New Hampshire and parts of Vermont. So for the time being stay out of those areas. I'm sure you're asking why, if I just said the military cleared them out. Because of all the things they stirred up hordes of zombies are heading that way so at the moment it is not the best place to try and get to. If you are already there then you should be ok as you are able to immediately get within the safety of the troops.

For the tip of the week I'm doing something a bit different. I'll get back to surviving at sea next week, but for today I want to go over something a little more serious and universally true. Now everybody loves when they find new survivors or can save people and bring them to your safe place. Be warned though that this thankful person you saved might be a spy for a rival outpost or a bandit gang. They could be learning your defenses and secrets so they can report back and destroy your place and take your supplies. So if you do bring anyone back to your compound or safehouse then just be careful what you tell them and make sure to keep a watchful eye on them. Remember, if you do send any scouts out that they don’t have any sort of maps on them that gives your position away and make sure you send only the ones you can trust the most. That's it for the tip and news of the week so be ready for the next edition coming at ya live. Well not really live, it is sort of live. Remember to keep fighting and keep surviving and do what you can to help us win against the zombies. Until next week this is Brandon signing off.