Frank Cho on 50Girl50

Frank Cho was at the Image United panel at Comic-Con, but honestly, he got kind of lost in the fold. Surely no disrespect to him, as the man's artistic talents are beyond awesome. But he mentioned his new series 50Girl50. The series is about a wormhole through which life will be furthered, however only women can go through it. The series will be written by Doug Murray and from the mind of Cho himself, and the series is unique in that it's lacking an interior artist. Which is where you readers out there that double as talented artists come into play. Cho and Murray are holding a contest to determine who will be doing the interiors for the series. Think of it as an American Idol for a comic book artist (I feel like every industry has their own version of American Idol now unfortunately...for society, not the winners obviously). In any case, details are currently scant, however I'm sure we'll be hearing more on this as the schedule for the book gets to be more concrete. Still though, it's pretty cool to be given the chance to do art for a Frank Cho book with him consulting on it. If you're really good, then expect Cho to take more of a backseat role. But if you're not as fantastic as advertised, well, I'd expect you'd be seeing a lot more of Cho than you thought.