Green Lantern movie + Supeman cameo = profit

Marvel is all about the universe uniting continuity movies that feature characters crossing over, walking by and generally making various appearances here and there. And it's working well for them because they have that whole Avengers movie planned and are methodically creating individual movies for all the members. DC? Not so much. The publisher's grand plans for a Justice League movie was met with brief excitement until it was revealed that there was really not much going on with it. At that point interest plummeted and both DC and Warner Brothers decided it would be better to stop pre-pre-production on it. Which allows them to focus on the individual members of the group and their films. Like Green Lantern. And maybe Superman. Together. MTV Splash Page caught up with Marc Guggenheim-who just happens to be co-writing the script for the live-action Green Lantern movie-and had the wherewithal to ask about a possible Superman cameo. A cameo which would be pretty freaking awesome and would lay at least a pebble-sized foundation for a possible Justice League movie. "Honestly, it changes on a daily basis. Whatever information I gave you today would be obsolete in a week, and maybe come back again in two weeks,” said Guggenheim. ”And even if it wasn’t in flux at the script stage, it would still be constantly in flux because you can film it, put it in the original cut, and eventually it could end up on the editing room floor. I will say, all the Easter Eggs and the cameos that I put in, I couldn’t even begin to predict at this point which ones will stay and which ones will go,” he said. “I’ll be as interested as anyone else to see what we end up keeping and losing by the time the picture is actually locked… and that’s pretty far away from now.” So once you sift through everything going on in that statement what you're left with is neither a confirmation or a denial. But this definitely seems to have more of the "confirmation" feel to it than denial. As always, take these things with a grain of salt. And Marc, sometimes just saying "yes" is easiest. Green Lantern movie + Supeman cameo = profit