Heroes - Chapter 5 Redemption Trailer

Readers of Omnicomic know that there's a love/hate relationship with Heroes. As in, I love it maybe a third of the season, and hate it the other two-thirds. If only the show would remain consistent instead of following the formula of awesome beginning, plodding/boring/inane middle and phenomenal, climatic finish. But, out of some sick sense of devotion I'll watch the next season, if for nothing else some sort of closure (I would bet this is the last season). Set to premiere September 21, NBC wants you to know what you're getting into with the new season. So they've cobbled together a 3 1/2 minute trailer showcasing some of the season highlights. If you're one of those people that like to go into a TV season with nothing shown to you at all, don't click through. But if you like semi-spoilers then read on. Quickly, Claire's at college, and has a friend intrigued by her power. Peter is a paramedic again, and for some reason shares powers with an arachnid superhero with the same namesake as him. Nathan is learning that there's more to him then he knows, and Sylar wants his body back (which will end up being Nathan shapeshifted as Nathan but aware). Parkman wants out, but there is no out. Traci seeks vengeance, and may team up with Mr. Bennett. Both face Danko, who either dies really quickly or has some power we don't know about. Hiro talks to himself again, and there's a new bad guy here called Joseph (I think that was his name). That's the long and the short of it, and you can check out the trailer below. Heroes - Chapter 5 - Redemption Trailer