Interview - Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Comic-Con is full of all sorts of people in the know. One of the biggest game publishers in the world, Capcom, was there showing off countless soft-wares, and one of those games was Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I was lucky enough to catch up with one of the crew that worked on the remake, and he was quite forthcoming with information on the design process and getting the game to where it is now. As in, available for play. Omnicomic: Why remake the game now? I mean, this game was a defining Dreamcast title nearly ten years ago and it's just now making it's way to consoles. And Xbox Live and PSN seem to be perfect outlets for it. Capcom: Well we wanted to make the game for a long time because people were always clamoring for it. But there were issues that we had to dealt with. The biggest issue was just licensing. After some time the licenses for Capcom to make this particular game cleared up and we were able to do it. Once that was all set we pulled the trigger on it. Development was pretty quick because the core game was there; it just needed to be modified for Xbox Live and PSN. Omnicomic: Did you feel the need to change or modify any of the gameplay? Capcom: In Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix we did rebalance the game, and that was very tempting here. But because of the sheer number of characters the game is already balanced very finely. Some may say it’s broken but changing it…I don’t know. That would have taken a lot more time. I think we’re better to leave this one alone. We did tweak the graphics. There’s a widescreen mode, that doesn’t change the gameplay but makes the game fit on your TV really nicely (if you have a widescreen TV). Another mode makes it smooth and crisp using really modified filter techniques. Omnicomic: Any kind of new multiplayer modes, besides the standard player versus player? Capcom: There was a Quarter Mode on SSFII:HD Remix, but we’re not doing that here. There’s going to be Player Match though where two players are playing with four players spectating. Winner stays on, and next in line steps in to challenge. We also have a ranked mode, where the matches are one-on-one and no spectators. Omnicomic: This is the type of game that player would crowd around arcade cabinets just to watch matches. Are there any plans for creating a mode purely for spectators to log in and watch matches? Capcom: There’s no plan for a mode for that, but in the Player Mode you can kind of get that arcade spectator feel. Omnicomic: DLC is all the rage with new games these days. Is there any possibility of new characters via DLC? Capcom: This kind of game doesn’t really work for DLC, so those kind of options aren’t really available. There are already so many characters to begin with that adding more would be kind of tough. Omnicomic: What about the possibility of online tournaments? Maybe sponsored tournaments that happen monthly or yearly that players can enter online? Capcom: That functionality isn’t built into the game itself. Most people tend to want to play face to face so there are really no plans to do any online tournaments. We were at the EVO Championship Series last year and we'll probably be there again this year. And Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will definitely be added for the gaming tournament. Omnicomic: Have there been thoughts for a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 comic book through Udon Comics? Capcom: That would be hard to pull off just because of the Marvel side of things (licensing and all that). If anyone’s going to do that it would probably be Marvel though and not Udon Comics. Omnicomic: What’s your dream team in the game? Capcom: Spider-man, Stryder and Cable. I’m actually not really good at the game, but I think Stryder’s my favorite character. Spider-man is the best render of any Spider-man in any game that I’ve ever seen. And I just love Cable. For the record, my dream team would have to be Spider-man, Ryu and Jill Valentine. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is now available on Xbox Live for 1200 Microsoft points and will hit PSN on August 13 for $15.