Iron Man 2 Comic Con 2009 panel recap

Two words will describe the Iron Man 2 panel best: Holy Shit. Favreau and company didn't disappoint, as they actually came to party and brought some footage of the movie to the panel. Kevin Feige was joined by Favreau, Robert Downey, Jr. (who led the audience in a rousing rendition of happy birthday to Favreau's son in the audience), Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell. What was in the footage? Hit the jump. It goes without saying that there are spoilers here. Before the footage though, a few thoughts.
  • Downey, Jr. is fantastic. His personality oozed throughout the entire panel.
  • Cheadle was probably the most respected on the panel (and that's not a slight on the other actors). But people were really feeling him.
  • As pretty as you think Scarlett Johansson is, multiply that by 100 and she's still prettier than you think. This woman is a goddess and Ryan Reynolds is very lucky.
  • Rockwell is the man. He pretty much went head-to-head with Downey, Jr., in the charisma category.
Tony Stark (as Iron Man) is tracked by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to join his "super secret boy band" as Stark so affectionately puts it. Later, Stark is being questioned by a Senate committee regarding his Iron Man suit, and whether or not it's classified as a weapon. Gary Shandling is the lead Senator on the committee. Mickey Rourke is shown, fashioning his Whiplash suit out of anger at the Stark family. The building scenes are very reminiscent of when Stark built his first suit in the first film, so it's always nice to see symmetry. And at the end, Rhodes (Cheadle) is shown discussing weapons with Justin Hammer (Rockwell). When asked which weapons he was shown which ones will he take, Rhodes says all of them. And then we're treated to War Machine showing off his new arsenal. Like I said before, holy shit.