Lethal: Death Squad

The 80s were a great decade. Sure, I was under 10 the entire time, but it still had some quality entertainment. MTV was born, Michael Jackson (rest in peace) was tearing up the charts and every movie had a soundtrack that defined the decade. Writer Joeby Gibson wants to take you to another part of the 80s that you might not have known about in his webcomic Lethal: Death Squad. Come with me, if you will, to 1985. A terrorist group called The Death Squad is rampaging about the country, being trailed by a lone redneck bounty hunter aptly named Lethal Johnson. The book features pencils and ink by Rowel Roque, and is currently on it's fourth issue of the series. The comic is monthly, with the next issue due to hit the site in 30 days. Currently, the story features Lethal and Katsurou attempting to convince political candidate, James Reese, that his life is in danger. Also, another member from the Freedom Force team resurfaces, but there are some trust issues there. The art is black and white and there's definitely an 80s vibe to the whole thing. Check it out if you're looking for a new comic that doesn't require you to go to the comic book store. Lethal: Death Squad