Microsoft making Halo anime

So that new that Microsoft was all about? That would be a Halo anime. Announced at Comic-Con, Microsoft had a few details about the story for the anime. Five production houses will work on the films: Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4[Degrees C] and Toei Animation. Microsoft will even be throwing in some of their talent to oversee production, inlcuding Shinji Arakami. And of course Microsoft is financing the whole production through 343 Industries, an internal division in charge of everything Halo related. Xbox Live will get a glimpse of the animes this fall, with Warner Brothers set to release them later on DVD and Blu-ray in early 2010. Forget for the second that Microsoft doesn't have Blu-ray, and think whether or not they would want people buying PS3s just to watch these animes in HD. Arakami is directing his own short that describes the origins of the Spartans, which could be good from a backstory side of things. "I liked that this would be an anthology of human stories told from different characters' perspectives," he explained. The LA Times blog has a meatier description of the project at their site.