Mortal Kombat vs DC DLC cancelled

Ed Boon is on that Twitter kick. For fans of Midway games (and Mortal Kombat in particular) that works out well because chances are you'll get the inside scoop on all things Mortal Kombat straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. But not all of that news is necessarily good. One of his recent tweets indicated the following: "Excited about MK9 and WB, but wish we could have released DLC for MKvsDC. Here's a peek.." See there? That whole "wish we could have" phrase? That indicates to me that as a result of Midway's unenviable position in this economy that the funds just weren't there to make it happen. Which is a shame, because we were going to see Quan Chi and Harley Quinn. Quan Chi can still be seen in the above image, but Harley Quinn's appearance will forever be left to the imagination. This isn't really a surpise considering the dire financial straits Midway was in. And with their recent sale to Warner Brothers I'm sure it was expected that some properties would be getting trimmed back. Does it make sense though to trim back the one property that WB is already invested in in DC? Oh well. Your thoughts of a Harley Quinn/Catwoman cat-fight (no pun intended) will have to wait another day.