New Arrivals: July 15, 2009

The summer blockbuster season for comics could be considered to be seeing its kickoff this week. Why? DC is starting their epic series Blackest Night, featuring a war of colors and lanterns. Between the colors and lanterns I'm sure there's a Hal Jordan in there somewhere. This week is also a big week for Michael Dolce, who sees Descendant #1 hit stores shelves. You can check out Omnicomic's interview with him here. The first issue is a solid foray into the world of espionage, jungles and Bourne-like action scenes. But I'm going to lean a different way with my pick (no offense to DC or Dolce). Sometimes I like to look back on my fondess for English classes in high school and college, and am throwing my vote in for Poe #1 from Boom! Studios. The new comic looks at Edgar Allen Poe (yeah, that guy) in a slightly different light. He's presented here as a detective, actively traking the killer of his brother's friend. The book seems to go after the Hellboy crowd, and I can see the similarities in storyline types when I read the first issue. Still though, it's great to see a literary giant such as Poe being revived in comic book form. Enjoy! New Arrivals: July 15, 2009