New Arrivals: July 8, 2009

Now that we've got that 4th of July thing out of the way, the new arrival schedule is back to normal. Not that it was too far off to begin with, but hey, holidays screw up delivery schedules. In any case, Wednesday has the new releases. And DC has a great way to get you to remember it. They have a new series debuting called Wednesday Comics. Aptly named right? The 12-issue series takes a unique look at modern comics history by reinventing what it is you know and love about the weekday. The 16-page weekly will unfold to a 28"x20" tabloid-sized periodical. It'll be folded to a 7"x10" when you first come across it. And it gets better from there. Each week will look at a different DC superhero. One week will be Batman and will be written by Brian Azzarello and with art by Eduardo Risso. Then you've got Metamorpho by Neil Gaiman and Michael Allred. Throw in some Kamandi by Dave Gibbons and Ryan Sook, mix in some Superman by John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo and add in a little Sgt. Rock by Adam and Joe Kubert. All in all, the concept is novel and boasts a great lineup of characters. Enjoy! New Arrivals: July 8, 2009