Next Batman filming next year

Gary Oldman was at San Diego Comic-Con promoting his new movie Book of Eli that I got to check out. But at a show like SDCC, you know that questions regarding the next Batman are inevitable. Oldman answered the question as best as possible. When asked when the next in the trilogy begins filming, Oldman was quite optimistic. "I think the next Batman is next year. We start shooting next year. You didn't hear that from me." I think saying "intriguing" doesn't even begin to fully capture how curious this is. See, Christopher Nolan has yet to officially sign on for the third film. And Christian Bale is only on board if Nolan is on board. But Oldman mentioning that shooting starts next year is quite fantastic. It pretty much goes against everything we've heard otherwise, and means that the film is further along than we all initially thought. Granted, Oldman could be on an outdated timeline. But Oldman is one of those more storied actors that has been around the block before, so for him to say something like this there's a certain sense of credibility to the statement. I wouldn't bet the farm on this statement or start expecting the next film any time soon, but this is a statement that is quietly reassuring to fans of the series.