Preview - Amazing Spider-man #600

600 issues in any series is nothing short of amazing. Captain America just hit it, and we're a scant week away from another Marvel icon doing the same. Amazing Spider-man #600 hits stores July 22 and Marvel is pulling out all the stops for this one. Not content with having just one writer, Marvel has tapped a slew of big names to pen this monumental issue. The list is seriously a who's who of comic book writers. Bob Gale, Marc Guggenheim, Joe Kelly, Stan Lee, Dan Slott and Mark Waid all contributed to writing the issue. Ok. But what about artists? Well John Romita, Jr. is doing the cover (one of the four I believe that will be avilable). Inks duties are shared by Mario Alberti, Colleen Doran, Klaus Janson and Marcos Martin. Coloring duties are shared by Mario Alberti, Javier Rodriguez and Dean White. But enough with the talent creating the book. What about the talented webhead IN the book? This issue apparently has it all. The return of Doctor Octopus, Daredevil, a wedding you never predicted, and the return of one of the most important people in Peter Parker’s life. There's even a giant-sized lead story by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr. There's of short stories about Spidey. Smilin’ Stan Lee (along with Masticatin’ Marcos Martin) return to provide Peter Parker with a sort of retrospective. The book is $4.99, but for that amount you're getting 104 pages of Spidey awesomeness. Keep in mind that no reprints are planned for this book, so if you want it you probably want to camp out at your local comic book store. Preview - Amazing Spider-man #600