Preview - Arkham Reborn #1

The Battle for the Cowl has come and gone. A new Batman has taken on the cowl, and the rogues of Gotham City are once again cowering in fear. Or are they? Arkham Reborn #1 is the first of a three-issue miniseries by David Hine and with art by Jeremy Haun. The Black Mask's destruction of Arkham Asylum has left it in pieces, and Dr. Jeremiah Arkham has rebuilt the Asylum using a design by his uncle Amadeus. The idea behind the facility was a model of enlightened treatment of mental illness, but of course it ends up being a torture house. Which doesn't go over to well with the inmates. Not only that, but Jeremiah starts hearing voices himself, and he makes the realization that no one can escape the cray that is Arkham Asylum. The first issue is due in stores October 28.