Preview - Mayhem #1

Celebrities are finding it harder and harder to stay happy with what made them famous: acting. They have to seek out other avenues of creativity to sate that streak in them. Milo Ventimiglia did it with Berserker, and now Tyrese Gibson is set to launch his own comic book in Mayhem. The comic is written by Mike Le and William Wilson, and features art by Tone Rodriguez. The story is this. Big X is terrorizing Los Angeles and only one man can stop him. That would be Mayhem. He and his partner Malice (Malice and Mayhem...get it?) are fighting fervently to take back the city from said kingpin Big X. The first issue hits July 14, and you can check out some interiors after the jump to whet you curiosity. I think there's some Two-Face action going on in the last page, but I'm sure I'm wrong (lest Gibson wants to deal with a lawsuit from DC before his book even takes off).