Review - Mr. Stuffins #3: When Bears Attack!

Well folks, in an effort to get back on schedule after the holiday weekend and travel threw me a curveball, we’re back with another comic review. Today we’re going to make the shift into a book with an interesting twist on the secret agent theme…Mr. Stuffins. Now you may remember seeing the name pop up on here before, and let me say, I was genuinely surprised at how much this comic grew on me. In trying to find an agent to compare Stuffins to…I struggle, perhaps one part Bond, two parts Bourne, with a twist of something akin to Rambo (hey…he uses stealth…) Read on for more… Mr. Stuffins may be a character many of you are not familiar with. It might be a good idea to briefly recap the first two issues to bring you up to speed. In Mr. Stuffins #1 we are introduced to Dr. Wong, presumably an NSA scientist who has just found out that the research he has developed is being sold off to the highest bidder. What research is this you ask? Think Skynet level AI for you Terminator fans out there; something that can integrate itself with any system and basically become an agent for mass destruction. Dr. Wong takes off with the data when he finds out it is for sale. With the NSA fast in tow, Dr. Wong goes into a toy store where the only hiding place he can find is an interactive guessed it, Mr. Stuffins. Enter Zach and his father, and Zach wants the bear. He buys the one off the rack with the disc in it and away we go. Fast forward to the current episode. The NSA has taken Zach’s family hostage and he and his father are trying to come to the rescue. The nefarious NSA head honcho has some war machines that he wants to put the disc into. Zach’s dad tries to make a diversion and fails, getting himself captured. The NSA pulls the disc out of Stuffins and makes copies, bringing the robot army to life. Just as all hope appears to be lost, Zach manages to sneak up, get the disc from the computer, and reactivate Stuffins. The bear then proceeds to mop up the NSA and get the machines after them. David (Zach’s dad) manages to disable one of the machines while Mr. Stuffins leads the rest of them under a huge magnet. The magnet is turned on, everything is wiped out (including our dear Mr. Stuffins) and the NSA traitor is arrested. It seems like that's the end for Stuffins, but dear old dad still has the disc from the one robot he disabled and all is well again once the ruined disc is replaced. Now…I genuinely enjoy several things about this comic. The action is great and Stuffins sense of humor always makes me chuckle. The end where a previously separated husband and wife just suddenly are magically in love again is a little hokey, but so be it. I’m curious where the story will go from here. More NSA attacks on the home? Stuffins gets new orders that aren’t “Protect the Boy” from an automated line? A bug in the software? Who knows. This initial 3 issue arc is an innovative take on the special agent genre. It is well written and worth checking out in stores.